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When a package contains Dangerous Goods (or HAZ-MAT) materials there are specific stickers that say ORMD on the outside of the box.

MSDS sheets are available for all Dangerous Goods (or HAZ-MAT) products that we carry.

Manufacturer guidelines should be followed for storage and disposal of all Dangerous Goods (or HAZ-Mat) products.

Freezing will not affect the performance of monomers, etc. if they arrive frozen simply allow the product to naturally return to room temperature. ( DO NOT put your monomer or primer in the microwave to thaw)

If for any reason, A Dangerous Goods (or HAZ-Mat) product should arrive damaged. (i.e.. a bottle of monomer was broken in the box during transit) The Dangerous Goods (or HAZ-Mat) product should be properly disposed of and the customer should contact DHL to file a damage claim.

Many Dangerous Goods (or HAZ-Mat) product materials used professionally are not packaged in child proof containers. Keep monomers, glues, primers and removers out of the reach of all children including your client's children. In the event of an emergency your local poison control center should be contacted immediately.


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